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Nail Fungus Treatment

About Nail Fungus Treatment at Laser Nail Centers

Nail fungus treatment at Laser Nail Centers can provide relief from the embarrassment of toenail fungus or fingernail fungus comfortably and easily. Our FDA-approved PinPointe FootLaser™ is a leader in the industry for nail fungus treatment.

Your first appointment with one of our doctors is always complimentary. He or she will confirm your diagnosis and establish the nail fungus treatment plan that is right for you.

The treatment itself (which often occurs the very same day) involves treating your toenails or fingernails in a procedure that lasts thirty to forty minutes. The doctor can also debride – or thin down – the affected nails to improve their appearance while the clearer nail grows in.

Our doctors usually recommend a second appointment for another treatment, and you should come in for a follow-up visit after that to determine the effectiveness of the nail fungus treatment.

Due to the contagious nature of Onychomycosis, we highly recommend our ten-nail treatment to destroy any pathogens that may have spread.  These pathogens are invisible to the naked eye. We do treat individual toenails or fingernails, but this treatment plan varies based on each patient and the condition of the nails. Your initial consultation will determine the best nail fungus treatment plan for you.